Painkiller Abuse Warning Signs – Low Cost Program

If you are considering help from a low cost drug rehab because you think a loved one may be abusing painkillers, it’s helpful if you can describe the signs of abuse. It’s not always easy to see this particular type of abuse, because they may have a legitimate prescription for the drugs without their doctor knowing the drugs are being abused.


Any time someone is developing an addiction or is abusing chemicals of some kind, there is a deviation from their normal behavior. Some of it is the chemical impact of the drugs, but some of it is the behavior required to manage the abuse. Drastic changes can come in many forms, but will be obvious to those who know them best.

Social Withdrawal

Painkillers aren’t the type of chemicals that are associated with parties, like alcohol, for instance. People who abuse painkillers tend to withdraw from everyone. In part this is due to the impact of the pills, but it is also because of the need for secrecy.

Appetite and Sleep

Painkillers tend to cause drowsiness, so the individual may sleep more and eat less. They just don’t have the appetite that they normally would, and sometimes they just aren’t motivated to eat.

Change in Appearance

As an addiction develops, it is always the thing at the forefront of an addict’s mind. Things like appearance and hygiene aren’t as important as they once were. This is especially the case if they are sleeping a lot. Rather than take a shower, they will simply go back to bed.

If you think a loved one is abusing painkillers, contact an affordable drug rehab center today to learn more about the signs and what you can do.