Private Rehab Made Affordable – Low Cost Program

It’s too bad that many people feel they have to make decisions about their health based on financial concerns. There may be no area that is more prominent in this area than when people are in search of a low cost drug rehab facility. When it comes to private drug rehab, most people don’t realize that low cost doesn’t have to mean low quality of care.


In the past, insurance companies didn’t view addiction as a medical issue. Over the years, insurance companies had to pay for health issues that were related to addictions that were left untreated. This made them reconsider their stance and, in some cases, even offer rewards in some form to those who seek out addiction treatment and preventative care.

Low Cost vs. Low Quality

Yes, there are some very expensive private treatment centers. They don’t just offer detox, but luxurious accommodations, as well. That doesn’t mean that the therapy they receive is any better or any worse. In these cases, it’s more of a difference between getting therapy on a couch or a settee. You might even be getting therapy from the exact same therapist as people at more expensive places.

If you are considering trying to find a private, low cost drug rehab, contact your insurance company to find out what their policies may cover. They may have monetary restrictions, or they may have specific medical groups where your medical insurance will be accepted. In any case, it’s better to find out ahead of time exactly what your options are, than to assume you have no options at all.