Know the Signs of Alcohol Abuse – Low Cost Program

If your use of alcohol or the way someone you love is using alcohol has caused you to consider making contact with an affordable drug rehab, it may be time to start taking a look at some of the specifics of alcohol use. The specifics can help determine whether alcoholism is an issue now, or whether it has the potential to be one in the future.



One of the biggest hallmarks of alcoholism is the deception that it creates. People who are going from casual use to actual alcoholism may lie about how often they use, the impacts of their use, or the elements surrounding the use of alcohol, like financial loss. In some cases, the individual even lies to themselves. When that happens, it’s helpful to start recording facts for comparison. For example, a look at the impact on the budget can reveal numbers that are hard to ignore.

Details of Usage

Most people start out by having a few drinks with friends. Over time, the methodology can change so that alcohol isn’t just a social element, but the reason for the socialization. It might also be used as a coping skill to deal with life’s stressors, or, when physical addiction really takes hold, to stave off withdrawal symptoms. Over time, there is also a change in tolerance. At first, the tolerance levels increase so that more alcohol can be consumed without extreme effects. Eventually, the trend turns the other way, and the tolerance levels start to decrease, but the drinker may not realize it and continue to drink heavily.

Eventually, common patterns emerge, and it’s time to visit an affordable drug rehab center for help. The most basic question, when it comes to determining whether a person is an alcoholic or not, is do they need it, or do they want it?

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