Do Private Drug Rehab Centers Accept Insurance? – Low Cost Program

When you are worried about finances, even low cost drug rehab centers can seem out of reach. The good news is that there may be more options than you are aware of, including insurance for private centers. As with any time you use your insurance, be sure to contact your agent to learn exactly what is and isn’t covered. Otherwise, take a look at the information below to help get you started on the road to recovery.

Insurance and Drug Rehab

Addiction is a medical condition. As such, many insurance companies are recognizing the value of drug treatment centers, whether they are private or not. From the insurance company’s perspective, treating the addiction may be more affordable than treating the health issues that can come with addiction when it’s left untreated.

Rehab and Payment

Private programs do usually accept insurance, but you should always check with the center of your choice before relying on your insurance. If there is an issue, it’s more likely to be with the insurance company itself than the treatment center. On top of that, there are other payment options. It isn’t hard to find an affordable drug rehab that will let you pay with cash, even if that means using a payment plan to do it.

Don’t put off your treatment because you are worried about insurance and payments. Call around and learn who accepts your form of payment. It isn’t worth risking your life with active addiction in order to avoid dealing with insurance companies.

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