Is It Safe to Practice Yoga While in Drug Treatment?

Even some of the most affordable rehab centers offer yoga as part of the physical development portion of their program. For some, yoga is just another exercise. For others, it’s a way to connect the mind with the body, and then there are those who enjoy yoga as a form of meditation. No matter how you look at it, it isn’t just safe to practice yoga while in drug treatment; it’s a significant step toward a whole other level of healing.

Body Awareness

Addicts tend to treat their bodies poorly, not just by using drugs and alcohol, but by avoiding proper nutrition and exercise. Yoga gives addicts a chance to reacquaint themselves with their bodies, to connect the mind with the body. So much of yoga is about simple things, like focusing on breathing and the core of the body. Using these techniques helps addicts outside of the session, as well. For instance, when the world seems chaotic and the addict is tempted to use, it helps to do something simple, like breathing in a specific manner.

Improved Focus

Yoga helps people understand the condition of their body as well as their mind. Because the poses are so specific, the individual has to concentrate on a few different elements at once. Even simple poses require some level of concentration. This helps keep the mind off of negative things, but it also improves the individual’s overall ability to focus. In the end, that helps them move forward even after they leave the low cost drug rehab center, so they can focus on sobriety outside of a treatment facility.

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